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Alison Punton LMT6542 


Bio-dynamic body work to help your body thrive

Biodynamic massage is a combination of deep Swedish, myofascial release and cranial therapy.
I incorporate  warming up the tissue layers while being present with how the inner body is responding.
The work can fluctuate from light to deep and deep to light touch. There can be periods of sustained pressure, periods of large inclusive movement and times of light energetic holds.

The focus is to assist the client while their body guides in the healing process.
My role is to create a space that is quiet, attentive and supportive while the layers of muscular tissue and emotional holdings unwind, creating a healthier and more spacious environment for the body to find its way towards health.

I have been a practicing Massage Therapist for over 20 years. It has  kept me engaged, has brought me joy, challenges and growth.

In 2011 I began studying Bio-dynamic bodywork with Todd Jackson and it has become the basis of my work ever since.

I am honored to continue doing the work I love.


Change You Can Believe In. Courtesy of Andrea Benson 

Change You Can Believe In.jpg
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